19 Jan, 2022
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An ideal situation on the edge of the pedestrian zone

The Résidence Victor Hugo is a haven of peace on the edge of the pedestrian zone. You are within the perimeter of the city centre (see map below) with the famous Rue Limogeanne that runs through the old town to take you to La Cathédrale St. Front. The small shops and the multitude of charming little squares play host to colourful markets and unfold in a maze of Renaissance style alleys.

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The cultural and artistic treasures of Périgueux will charm you, as will its exceptional location in the centre of Le Périgord: it is an ideal starting point for your excursions to explore the region. (Discover Le Périgord)

It is a city rich in events and cultural activities. You can explore its museums and compare the Renaissance architecture of the old town to the Gallo Roman ruins of the Vesonne district.


Tour of the old town - heritage walk

Follow the trail marked in yellow and discover the curiosities of this medieval Renaissance city. Cast iron plaques on the walls will help you find your way through the maze of alleyways, steps, galleries and little squares. (Click on the map to see the route in yellow) You will also come across cast iron shells on the ground. These are the landmarks for pilgrims on their way to St Jacques de Compostela.

La cathédrale St Front

Listed as World Heritage Site, it is a major stop on the way to St Jacques de Compostela. It served as a model for the Sacré Cœur in Paris.

Maison des Consuls

Le Pont des Barris, on the Green Way offers a beautiful view of the Maison des Consuls and the old wooden mill which is built on the remains of the ramparts.

La Tour Mataguerre

One of the last vestiges of the ancient ramparts that surrounded the current old city.

The arenas

From the Place de Francheville you can walk over to the Gallo-Roman complexes. The ramparts, the Château Barrière, the Temple de Vésone, the Musée Vesuna, L’église St Étienne de la Cité and the Jardin des Arènes give the chance to take a stroll through time. A little train you can catch from Rue de l'Éguillerie will take you to the spot.


The Green Way nature trail on foot or by bike

This Green Way, open to pedestrians, cyclists, rollerbladers, and wheelchair accessible, gives access all along the Isle. From the Pont des Barris, you go to the left, northwards, through green zones to Trélissac. The surface is good, the track is lit, and there are benches and water points.

Starting in the opposite direction, you will follow the canal, then again the river to the Marsac-sur-l'Isle green zone.

Gamenson Park - a relaxing walk

A stone's throw from the Résidence, this park is home to a wide variety of trees: cedars of Lebanon, magnolias, yews, chestnut trees, hackberry trees from Provence, plane trees, goldenrain trees, hornbeams, cypresses, ash trees, maples...

Shops - a retail therapy walk

Gastronomy, art and local arts and crafts... enough to entice you into the city centre time and again!

The markets of Périgueux

The small squares in the historic centre play host to picturesque markets (read more)


With a huge number of tourists visiting during the summer, Périgueux is a permanent showcase of the arts from spring onwards: there is the Art et Eau festival in June, Expoésie, Printemps au proche Orient, Mimos (the international festival of mime) in August, the Trophée de la Chanson Française, the Sinfonia classical music festival in Périgord, Macadam Jazz, and concerts from the Friends of the Organ... (See news)



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